Installed Intelligence Series


Installed Neon - 2


A deadly terrorist attack shakes the country.

Someone framed Karl, and now the world is convinced he’s an evil mastermind. It’s up to him – and the dead man living inside his brain – to prove his innocence.

Can he outrun a criminal conspiracy, expose a traitor, and save an emerging race from extinction? Or will the diabolical truth be covered up forever?



Available June 20, 2019!

Corrupted Neon


One corpse – two victims. It’s a typical case – at least, that’s what Detective Beth Dylan thought. 

At the height of tension between humans and installed intelligences, the nation’s most notorious terrorist reaches out to Beth. He says he knows where to find the killer she’s looking for – but he wants something in return.



Available August 7, 2019!

Deleted NEON


Humanity wasn’t the only one to lose the Great War.

While some humans – like Ethan – are raised like digital cattle in simulations, I.I.s like Tera are forced to police the downtrodden humans. All serve the tyrannical Council in Shell City – but it’s only a matter of time before the powder keg is ignited.


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Preloaded NEON


PRELOADED includes the three following stories:

Man-machine interaction concept, vector illustration.

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They thought Chris was dead when they installed his brain onto a computer. But he wasn’t – and now there are two of him. 

It was a simple mistake to make, but no one had ever made it before. There was a flesh-and-blood Chris Santson as well as a digital counterpart – known as an installed intelligence. Now Installed Global, the company responsible for duplicating Chris’s personality, will do anything to cover up their mistake.

Can Chris protect his installed intelligence – or I.I. – before Installed Global erases him?

Man-machine interaction concept, vector illustration.


When you implant a computer into your brain, you’re also building a door anyone could step through. 

PowerSoft’s cerebral computer launched to thunderous applause and intense excitement. For the first time in history, consumers could operate a powerful computer with only their minds. The C.C. can translate any thought into a command, allowing control over autonomous navigation, instant communication, and total connectivity. However, if a computer can read your thoughts, so can a person.

This is the story of the first cyber attack on the human brain.

Man-machine interaction concept, vector illustration.


World War III left the planet devastated—and the radiation is spreading. In less than fifty years, all life on Earth will be extinct – unless someone does something. 

A corporation with a dubious past steps in to create the most powerful artificial intelligence ever made, designed to run up radiation cleanup equipment without endangering human workers. Some people, however, are worried what a super AI could do in the wrong hands.

In a bleak post-war world, most people find solace in escapism, achieved mostly by an enormous net of virtual reality servers called the Cloud. Norman Pellick, a mod programmer, is tasked by his clan leader to design the perfect alternative to a dangerous, soulless AI.

This is the story of the creation of the first installed intelligence.

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