Installed Intelligence Series


Installed Final

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Created Cover


World War III left the planet devastated—and the radiation is spreading. In less than fifty years, all life on Earth will be extinct. That is, unless someone does something.

A corporation with a dubious past steps in to create the most powerful artificial intelligence ever made, designed to run radiation cleanup equipment without endangering human workers. Some people, however, are worried what a super AI could do in the wrong hands.

In a bleak post-war world, most people find solace in escapism, achieved mostly by an enormous net of virtual reality servers called the Cloud. Norman Pellick, a mod programmer, is tasked by his clan leader to design the perfect alternative to a dangerous, soulless AI.

This is the story of the creation of the first installed intelligence.

Cerebral Cover


When you implant a computer into your brain, you’re also building a door anyone could step through.

PowerSoft’s cerebral computer launched to thunderous applause and intense excitement. For the first time in history, consumers could operate a powerful computer with only their minds. The C.C. can translate any thought into a command, allowing control over autonomous navigation, instant communication, and total connectivity. However, if a computer can read your thoughts, so can a person.

This is the story of the first cyber attack on the human brain.



You’re dead. While your body has gone cold, your mind is installed onto a computer. You are immortal, providing the power stays on. But are you really you?

Chris Santson asked himself that very question when he died. But then he came back. It shouldn’t be possible for someone’s mind to exist in a computer and a human body, yet here he was. And if he was still alive, then who is the real Chris?

Alfred Arnold Saga

AA1 Cover

The last thing he knew, Alfred Arnold’s house was burning down. Now he finds himself face down in the dirt of some bizarre and unknown land.

Little does our hero know he’s just entered the world of Serdame. This strange country is home to oddities like singing zombies, mountains made of wood, and sandwich-craving dragons. Alfred Arnold would be overwhelmed by the weirdness if it wasn’t for the companionship of retired knight Sir Procrastination and the curious Lavandra.

This is the first book of the humorous fantasy epic, the Alfred Arnold Saga!

Timeglass Series

Timeglass Cover

Kaira can stop time with the simple squeeze of a stone. With that kind of power, there is nothing she can’t do.

She and her brother belong to the lowest class of villagers in Hope, a lush oasis in the middle of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The town is led by the Prophet, a mysterious tyrant who provides shelter from the horrors outside in exchange for total obedience. With the help of the “Divine Being”, the Prophet is able to see the future; that’s how he predicted the end of the world.

There’s something the Prophet is hiding, however. With the power of the timeglass, Kaira and her best friend Alethea can expose the leader for the tyrant he is.

This is the first part of the post-apocalyptic dystopian Timeglass series!

Standalone Books

AGA Front Cover (New)

One assassin’s decision changes the course of all human history. At the time, it seemed like the right thing to do, but only violence and war followed.

Andy Winter is haunted by his past, but he stays alive. Whether he’s being hunted by an evil corporation, a deranged psychopath, or the threat of extinction, he always finds a way. However, everyone has their breaking point.

Meanwhile, corporations are raising private armies and protests are turning bloody. The world seems on the edge of collapse. On top of it all, giant metallic statues are falling from the sky.

Andy’s mission is to kill a woman fighting for hope in the world’s twilight. But sometimes, a man has to take fate into his own hands.

Oneironaut 2018

In his dream, he was flying. In the real world, he was working as a telemarketer.

In his dream, he shares a romance with a beautiful woman. In real life, he and his wife have a loveless marriage.

It’s easy to see why Henry Morgan becomes addicted to his dreams. So much so that he ignores his responsibilities, pops sleeping pills, and dozes his life away.

But what happens when the dreams you become reliant on turn into nightmares?