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Two heads are better than one—right?

It’s been decades since humanity unlocked the secret to immortality: the installed intelligence. A digital copy of a human brain, an installed intelligence—or I.I.—can live on long after its organic counterpart has died. Ever since its invention, advancements like cerebral computers, autonomous transit, and universal connectivity have become facets of daily life.

Psychologist Karl Terrace has been selected to be the first recipient of the new “mindshare” procedure. He’s agreed to have the I.I. of Maynard Batiste, an eccentric engineer, installed into his brain. Karl will be the first person in history to have two minds in one skull.

The psychologist thought the hardest part of the process would be acclimating to his new “guest”—that is, until he became the focus of a deadly attack on his team’s laboratory. Now it’s up to him and Maynard to prove his innocence before the truth is covered up forever.


Phoenix Ward is the author of thought-provoking science fiction and dark thrillers. The inventive mind behind A Guardian Angel, Oneironaut, the Alfred Arnold Saga, and The Man With Two Bodies, Phoenix captures the bizarre eccentricities that make reading unique. When he’s not writing foreboding tales of futures-to-be, Phoenix is an avid gamer. In fact, he is the owner and primary contributor for a video game blog called Ham Goblin Gaming. He freelances under the name Phoenix Williams ( Phoenix wears pajama pants under his jeans in the winter and has a ham tattooed on his chest. He draws inspiration from such science fiction legends as Philip K. Dick and Isaac Asimov. He currently resides in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

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